The compost site is located outside the gates at the Miniota Waste Disposal Grounds. If you are placing items in the compost site, remove them from the plastic bags used to transport them. There is a separate pile located by the compost site where tree branches can be placed.
Compostable material includes:
  • vegetable trimmings
  • fruit rinds & peeling
  • leaves and grass clippings
Please do not add:
  • animal waste
  • ashes
  • plastic bags and containers
  • metal and glass
  • large branches - garbage


There is a community compost located north east of the arena.  You are invited to add your compostables to the "ADD HERE” pile and take finished compost from the "No Dumping” pile. Please do not add fresh compost to the finished pile. 

Compostable material includes: 
  • Vegetative growth
  • grass clippings
  • leaves
  • vegetables
  • garden waste
Please do not add: 
  • Trees
  • branches
  • raspberry canes
  • corn stalks that break down slowly
  • meat products
A garbage can for any bags or containers used to transport the compost is located near the compost pile.  E-waste, cell phones, etc. can be delivered to the recycling depot. The attendant can answer your questions as to where your deposits should go.