Community Coffee Club

Investing in our Community! Investing in our Future! Sowing the seeds of our Future!

Pledge Form & Brochure

Fill the cup one Loonie at a Time

By Passing it on...

Our total fundraising goal is $91,250 per year for a minimum of Five Years. With only $1 a day we can invest in our children and our community by creating a healthy lifestyle for the entire region. Let’s continue to make our community a destination of choice for families, businesses and visitors for many years to come. Promoting a sense of pride in our facilities


Automatic withdrawals will be made on a monthly basis on the 1st or 15th of each month for the amount and months specified by the contributor. One month written notice is required for cancellation, bank account changes and address changes. A "Non-Sufficient Funds” returned request from the bank will cancel the contributor’s plan. Re-application is required for future contributions.

Participating Facilities & Contact Information
  • Community Coffee Club is comprised of the following representatives:
  • Birtle Riverside Golf Club Debbie Pielechaty 842-5386 and Woody Langford 842-3475
  • Birtle Community Hall DwightStewart 842-5212
  • Birtle District Community Centre Steve Desjardins 842-3944, Myrtle Lane 842-3606 and Nancy Evans (alternate) 842-3497
  • Town/RM of Birtle Debbie Jensen 842-5207

Donation Facts
  • You will receive an annual Tax Deductible receipt for your donation from the Town of Birtle.
  • One time payment or monthly payments may be made by post-dated cheques.
  • Your contribution is an investment in our future as a healthy and active community.
  • Donations will support the capital development of our facilities, buildings and equipment upgrades.

Please call the Town Office at 204-842-3234 or any representative for further details.