Silver Bend Hiking Trail

Silver Bend Hiking Trail
DUE TO FACTORS BEYOND OUR CONTROL, WE RECOMMEND HIKERS DO NOT TRY TO USE THE TRAIL AT THIS TIME. Until maintenance is able to be undergone on the trail it is unsafe and we suggest to use other trails in the region for the time being. 

This historic part of the Assiniboine Valley features an old pioneer trail winding along the edge of the valley. This was used by steamboats and their crew to drop off supplies to the surrounding communities. You will find historic grave sites and and old homestead where a family of ten was raised in the early 1900s and a beautiful view of the valley along the way. Enjoy the scenic view from the top of the Assiniboine Valley, you will see how the river meanders and has created the oxbow lakes, and scars as the valley floor shifts.
To find this hidden away trail you drive 2 kms north of Miniota on Highway 83, turn west onto a gravel road, cross over the overhead bridge and you will find yourself at the start of this beautiful and historic trail.

For a map of the Silver Bend Hiking Trail click here Trails start near the parking lot. Look for the signs posted. You will find signs of direction, mileage, and points of interest as you hike. It is recommended to have some type of noise maker to use in case of unwanted wildlife.
Please follow the signs and stay on the trail. No fires are permitted on the trail and please take out what you take in. There is a top route and bottom route which connects to each other to make the full route of 5 miles. You can choose any one of the routes top, bottom, or one of the smaller routs, Peters' Ridge or Little Loop. Enjoy your scenic hike and have fun!

For more information or if you have any questions contact
Traci Orr- Miniota CDC Economic Development Officer
Phone: 204-567-3757