Birtle in Bloom Committee

The Communities in Bloom is an international non-profit organization committed to fostering civic pride, environmental awareness and municipal beautification through community involvement. The Birtle in Bloom Committee is committed to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility ad beautification throughout the Birtle Community. This committee is a group of volunteers that exemplifies community spirit and shows what can be done through a committed organization.

Through their hard work and involvement of everyone from seniors to youth, Birtle has successfully captured two National Committees in Bloom Titles, with special recognition for tidiness, pocket gardens, the Riverside Park and environmental awareness.

With the tremendous support and hard work of all Birtle citizens and Town Council and Maintenance staff, Birtle won the 1999 Manitoba Communities in Bloom Competition. Winning at the provincial level meant Birtle was now eligible to compete nationally. In 2000, Birtle competed against 9 communities across Canada entered in the 1-1000 population category. Birtle received top marks with a rating of 5 blooms and could now claim the prestigious honour as Canada’s 2000 Communities In Bloom National Winner (1 –1000 population category).

Over the years Birtle in Bloom has worked hard to enhance the beauty of the town and preserve its heritage. The committee completed many landscape projectsn such as a Memory Garden (including Town Bell restoration) on the corner of Main Street and 7th Street, a Pocket Garden between the Community Development Corporation Building and RM of Birtle Office, and a Heritage park beside the old Spring. They also landscaped the area around the Tourist Information Center, planted a Perennial Garden in the park and approximately 300 trees throughout the Town.

Birtle In Bloom erected Heritage Story Boards at points of historical interest and put together a Historical Walking Tour complete with brochure. A heritage mural of the old Ravine Road on the west wall of the Drop In Centre on the corner of Main and Centre Street was completed in 2008. Every year Birtle In Bloom sets out planters and displays banners painted by local citizens on Main Street. Another annual project is the completion of a scrapbook documenting the year’s work in the areas of community involvement, beautification projects and heritage.

The community of Birtle has reaped many benefits by participating in the Communities in Bloom Program. Not only have the benefits included increased civic pride and national recognition but a more beautiful, vibrant community in which to call home.