Birtle Ski and Hiking Trails

birtle ski trail in winter
The Birtle cross country ski and hiking trail meanders through the Birdtail Valley through mature stands of aspen, oak, maple, and birch.
Wildlife sightings include deer, elk, moose, bald eagles, great white owls, rabbits, ruffled grouse, squirrels, and the occasional brown and black bear in summer months when a portion of the trail is available for hiking to the cabin.

The trail starts in the Birtle Park and has different loops ranging in length between 500 metres and 12 kilometres. The trail is not patrolled so always follow normal winter safety rules, and please use extra caution on slopes and hills. 
There is a warm up cabin, outhouse and fire pit with seating area located on the trail at the end of the Katimavik Loop.
FIND THE MAP ON ALLTRAILS or check out this downloadable maps:
signage at the birtle hiking and ski trailFor more information call:
  • Jeff Howard (204) 842-5172
  • Garth Butcher (204) 842-3713
  • Valley Recreation (204) 842-3460