LUD of Miniota

Memory GardenA Local Urban District in an unincorporated urban area with a population of at least 250 residents, located wholly within the boundaries of a rural municipality.
It is represented by a formal committee of council, comprised of not more than 3 members elected by the LUD electors at a general election (or by-election, if required), and a member of the rural council.
The LUD is serviced by the rural municipality, as provided for in the LUD Service Plan which details the type, level and cost of municipal services to be provided. It is funded through a levy against the district as specified in the service plan.
The LUD Committee is responsible for developing a service plan for the district and submitting the plan to council before council adopts its operating and capital budget each year.

LUD of Miniota Committee are:
  • Loree Gardham, Chairperson
  • Jamie Brown, Committee Member
  • Rita Armitage, Committee Member
  • Darcy Oliver, Council Representative
The LUD of Miniota meets the 1st Tuesday of every month.

Meeting Minutes
Follow this link for the LUD of Miniota Meeting Minutes