Wakpa Tanka Look-Out

Sign at entrance to the Wakpa Tanka Lookout site
Wakpa Tanka was a campsite that the Sioux First Nation called home and lived in during the buffalo hunt and the fur trade.  The Assiniboine River was used as a means of transportation and a food source.  The river brought many settlers and resources to this area by way of steamboats.
A world class single component site and the only one of its kind in all of Canada. It is situated at the beginning of the Silver Bend Trail and provides a glimpse into aboriginal heritage and culture from 700 - 1100 years ago as well as a scenic view of the beautiful Assiniboine Valley.
The lookout site paints a picture of how the surrounding area was settled, and provides a glimpse into the early lives of both Indigenous peoples and early settlers. 

While visiting the area be sure to sign the guestbook.  Click here for directions to the site.
west wall of the wapka tanka lookout kiosk
View of Assiniboine Valley from Wakpa Tanka lookout