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Miniota CDC

The Miniota Community Development Corporation is an independent non-profit organization. The CDC plays a significant and diverse role in establishing appropriate and strategic actions for community enhancement in economics and development.

The Board of Directors are appointed by the Prairie View Municipal Council. They represent a cross-section of community leaders, stakeholders and expertise. Directors believe in persistence and hard work to successfully achieve community goals. The CDC Board generates, welcomes ideas and implements initiatives that enhance community development. The CDC will establish their plans and sets their priorities based on community needs and involvement.

The role of the MCDC is a tool for the community to use where they see fit. The MCDC and community will work together to improve housing, business and increase residents to our community.

Board of Directors
  • Stephanie Brown- Chairperson
  • Stacie Lockhart- Vice-Chairperson
  • Linda Clark- Council Rep
  • Bruce Mitchell
  • Ross Rowan 
  • Jody Couvier
  • Tessa Sheane
  • Tynelle Barkley
Looking for Business Planning Assistance?
If you are considering starting or expanding a business in the Prairie View Municipality, we can help. The Miniota community development offers and administrates loans up to $10,000.00. The Economic Development Officer is available to assist in the preparation of a business plan and to identify resources that may be available to you. These resources include information on financing, business registration, and succession planning. All business discussions are confidential.

What does the Economic Development Officer Do?
The Economic Development Officer's role is to assist community members and organizations in business or organizational planning, project development and research and funding identification. The Economic Development Officer will provide resource support including recreation grant applications, individual business planning and community based training opportunities.

Economic Development Officer: Traci Orr 

Office Hours: Wednesday-Friday 9 AM-3 PM
Appointments and community tours are available outside of those hours. Please call the office or stop in to make arrangements.

Contact Information:
Phone: 204-567-3757
Mail: Box 13 Miniota, MB R0M 1M0
Facebook: Miniota CDC

We look forward to building our community together
 Meeting Minutes:

AGM 2016
May 16, 2016
April 20, 2016
July 18th, 2016
Sept 19th, 2016
Oct 17th, 2016