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Foxwarren Memory Garden

The Foxwarren Memory Garden was opened in 2002 as a tribute to our forefathers. Nearly a quarter acre in the middle of Foxwarren, has created a garden of pathways meandering through flower beds filled with perennials and stepping stones. The stones bear the names of those who have completed their journey in life.

Over 500 stepping stones and 250 paintings commemorate the pioneers and loved ones. As you step into the garden, you will be able to pause and reflect- remembering and enjoying the scent and beauty of the myriad of flowers blooming for them. The project has been planned as an ongoing garden which will allow stones and flowers to be added for many years. The stepping stones are handcrafted by the committee and volunteers. Approximately 50 to 70 stones are done at one time (whatever ¼ of a yard will do – it varies).

The stones are personalized by the decorators whenever it is possible. When the concrete is cured (about seven days), the stones are painted twice with concrete sealer and dug into the pathways of the garden. The buildings that once held the pioneer businesses of the community are marked in the garden. Engraved granite markers are placed along the walkways of the flower beds to show visitors the exact place of the old establishments. Over 2,000 petunias are in bloom along the curved pathways and over 250 perennials are planted in the flower beds in memory of loved ones. The Foxwarren Memory Garden is in full bloom – ready to be admired, remembered and treasured. A Peace flower bed and a tree were planted by the youth of Foxwarren in memory of the September 11th tragedy. There has now been a painted Canadian flag added to the garden.

Community spirit is about the joy that happens when friends, neighbours and families work shoulder to shoulder to achieve a common goal. It’s about celebrating each other’s victories and mourning each other’s losses. It’s about a shared sense of responsibility and belonging. It is paying forward and giving back. It’s about embracing differences, developing character and promoting participation. You know there is community spirit when the neighbour you helped yesterday is the friend you turn to for help today. You know there is community spirit when laughing and crying together are equally spontaneous.

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