Miniota Volunteer Fire Department

The Miniota Volunteer Fire Department is dedicated to protecting the residents and visitors of Miniota.  We have 22 members that continue to train so that we can improve the level of service to the community.

We belong to the West Central Mutual Aid District and we rely on each other for assistance in time of need.  We also have agreements with other surrounding Departments in case help is needed outside of our Mutual Aid District.

Besides providing fire fighting services, we have vehicle extrication training and equipment including the jaws of life.

We have six members trained in Ground Search and Rescue and belong to the Search and Rescue Manitoba agency and are on call to be deployed anywhere in MB on a Search and Rescue mission.

We also have some water recuse equipment and can respond to water incident with assistance from other Departments specialized in water rescue.

Fire prevention and education are of up most importance to us and we are committed in getting the message across to the public. We provide home inspections upon request. Our goal is to inform and not to lecture. There is no enforcement, just advise and to provide information.

We are very proud to be an Emergency Medical Agency in which we are under contract with the Regional Health Authority to provide medical services along with the Ambulance Service. We have 9 of our members trained as Emergency Medial Technicians (EMTs) and they continually train to meet the provincial standards.

A rescue toboggan was recently purchased to provide rescue services in rough terrain where our other apparatus is not able to reach. We can use it in the winter time behind a snowmobile or in summer time pulled by our side by side ATV. This equipment is kept in an enclosed trailer which can be deployed in minutes. This side by side has drastically improved fire fighting efforts during grass, brush & stubble fires because of the accessibility factor in challenging terrain and with a small fire suppression unit on the back of the ATV.

Some of our Equipment includes:

  • Main Pumper Truck with 840gpm pump and 1000gal tank
  • Mini Pumper with 500gpm pump and 500gal tank that specializes in grass, brush, and stubble fires 
  • Rescue Vehicle with vehicle extrication, water rescue and medical equipment on board
  • 8 Breathing Apparatus 
  • Thermal Imaging Camera 
  • Gas Detector

We invite anyone to drop by the Fire Hall, just contact us and we would be more than happy to show you around and provide you with any information that you may want.

Nick Young, Fire Chief
Fire Hall: 204-567-3721

Facebook: Miniota Fire Department

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