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Municipal Services

Prairie View Municipality is a thriving region in the prairies of south western Manitoba with an approximate population of 2167. This newly amalgamated municipality is made up of the communities of Birtle, Foxwarren, Solsgirth, Miniota, Isabella, Beulah, Arrow River and Crandall. It is situated amongst the beautiful Birdtail and Assiniboine Valley regions and has an array of recreational and work opportunities, as well as all the necessary amenities for you and your family to enjoy. The uniqueness, natural beauty and safety of our region makes Prairie View an attractive place to live.

Prairie View traditionally is an agricultural service centre for the prosperous farming community in the area. Our innovative farmers, rich soil and stable climate will encourage further diversification and continued health for agriculture and related businesses. Crops such as wheat, oats, barley, soybeans, flax and canola are grown extensively. Cattle and hogs as well as the PMU industry are increasingly important to the local economy. However, with the increase in oil production and potash mining in the area new opportunities are becoming more available. Being just a half to one hour drive to PCS Potash Mine or various oil field companies from communities within the municipality allows people the chance to buy or build affordable housing while still being within driving distance to competitive career opportunities.

The beautiful Birdtail and Assiniboine Valley region has to be seen to be truly appreciated. The many trails, gardens and historic sites offer visitors and locals alike plenty to see in the area, while Valley Recreation District and local arts and recreation opportunities provide plenty to do. With schools and daycares in both Birtle and Miniota, a safe and modern childcare and education system is thriving and available to all residents in the municipality. 

Properties for Pennies
Properties for Pennies