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Birtle Miniota & District CDC

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Community Development Officer: Eleanor Dnistransky

Economic Development Officer: Zoey Jebb 

Contact Information:

684 Main Street
Box 598 Birtle, MB R0M 0C0
Phone: 204-842-3602
MINIOTA OFFICE (located in Prairie View Municipality Building)
111 Sarah Ave
Box 70 Miniota, MB R0M 1M0 
Phone: 204-842-3602

Office Hours:
Birtle Office Monday – Friday 8:30 - 4:30 After Hours call/text Eleanor 204-847-0117
Miniota Office -By Appointment

Appointments and community tours are available outside of those hours. Please call the office to make arrangements

In April 2019, the Birtle & Miniota CDC’s amalgamated and formed the BIRTLE MINIOTA & DISTRICT DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (CDC). On April 15th they initiated a strategic planning process to review and update the vision, mission, guiding principles and strategic goals for 2020-23 and beyond. The CDC’s objectives are to ensure that its priorities are aligned with the Prairie View Municipality and all communities in its boundaries and to foster board and employee engagement, give clear direction, and a strategic approach to service delivery

The Birtle Miniota & District Development Corporation is an independent non-profit organization. The CDC plays a significant and diverse role in establishing appropriate and strategic actions for community enhancement in economics and development.

The Board of Directors are appointed by the Prairie View Municipal Council. They represent a cross-section of community leaders, stakeholders and expertise as well as two Municipal Reps. Directors believe in persistence and hard work to successfully achieve community goals. The CDC Board generates, welcomes ideas and implements initiatives that enhance community development. The CDC will establish their plans and sets their priorities based on community needs and involvement. 

Board of Directors

 Nat Howard- Chairperson Steve Desjardins- Vice-Chairperson
 Michael Fulcher- Council Rep Delbert Cole – Council Rep
 Brian Lee 
Linda Clark





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The Outlook

The Outlook is a regional newsletter serving the communities of BIRTLE, MINIOTA, FOXWARREN, BEULAH, SOLSGIRTH, ISABELLA, ARROW RIVER & CRANDALL.  To learn more and see previous issues please Click Here.

 Birtle and District Community Development Centre:

In 1997 the former Birtle CDC purchased and renovated the building at 684 Main Street - the Birtle and District Community Development Centre. This building became a business incubation centre which currently continues to provide affordable space to businesses and is the home of the CDC office (Birtle location).

Miniota Fitness Centre

The CDC operates a fitness centre in the community of Miniota. The Fitness Centre is located in the Prairie View Municipal building – basement. It is accessible 24/7 with a swipe card that is obtained with a paid membership. Please contact the RM office in Miniota to purchase one or call 204-567-3683.

Loans Program

The CDC operates a loan program available to small businesses. The program was formerly ran as the Community Works Loan Program (CWLP). Loans are up to $10,000 at prime for 5 years. The premise of the funds is to support local business growth and expansion with local dollars. To apply you will need a business plan completed.

"Make Miniota Home Video"

Strategic Plan 2020-2023

Mission Statement

Birtle Miniota & District Development Corporation is a community based not for profit organization designed to promote economic and community development to enrich our local communities.  It will promote strong rural values and a positive lifestyle within Prairie View Municipality to ensure growth and a sense of pride for all residents.

Vision Statement

Prairie View Municipality Communities builds on our strengths and resources to offer a healthy vibrant area for sustainable businesses and services.  People are drawn to the naturally scenic region to live, shop, do business and explore. 

 Guiding Principles

The CDC will follow core values as the guiding principles that influence how it operates and provide a framework for internal conduct.

To achieve the CDC vision and fulfill the mission, decisions are guided by principles that reflect the values of the organization. 

They are:

  • To consider the greater good of the communities;
  • To act as professionals with integrity and honesty;
  • To attract people who will invest in the community; and
  • To be financially responsible by carefully considering risks and benefits.

Looking for Business Planning Assistance?

If you are considering starting or expanding a business in the Prairie View Municipality, we can help. The CDC offers and administrates loans up to $10,000.00. The Economic Development Officer is available to assist in the preparation of a business plan and to identify resources that may be available to you. These resources include information on financing, business registration, and succession planning. All business discussions are confidential.

What does the Economic Development Officer Do?

The Economic Development Officer's role is to assist community members and organizations in business or organizational planning, project development and research and funding identification. The Economic Development Officer will provide resource support including grant applications, individual business planning and community based training opportunities. 

North Ridge Development scenic valley lots for less

The CDC completed the subdivision of eight new lots on Birtle's south facing slope. They are working to have the lots available for residential building. This land offers something for everyone – natural green space, privacy, a natural landscape and impressive views. Just choose the lot that best fits your needs.


Properties for Pennies
Properties for Pennies