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Stay in the know! 

Prairie View Municipality now offers a Snow Removal feature with ConX Wireless (Text2Car) to share locations of where our Snowplows and Graders have been and where they are after a snow fall to provide rate payers with access to removal progress and providing timely updates of Municipality operations.

Click HERE to view the Map of Grader routes within the last 72 hours.

Helpful Tips when viewing the map:

- The map is updated every hour

- It is zoomable for you to have a closer view to specific areas

- There are various colors on the map which show how recently the area was plowed/graders were located here:
> within 0-4 hours : pink
> within 4-8 hours : dark green
> within 8-16 hours : lime green
> within 16-24 hours : dark blue
> within 24-48 hours : light blue
>  within 72 hours : orange

We will do our best to ensure the map is providing accurate data for everyone - if you have any questions or concerns you can reach out by email at 

Properties for Pennies
Properties for Pennies