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Birtle & District Foundation

Box 598 Birtle Mb. R0M 0C0
684 Main Street (CDC Office)
or call Eleanor 204-847-0117

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OUR VISION "That our entire community continues to grow in healthy ways.”

OUR MISSION "To engage investors that will allow us to support programs and services that will benefit our community now and in the future.”

The Birtle and District Foundation is a Registered Charity which partners with local agencies, charities and community organizations to sponsor projects within the Town and RM of Birtle (Foxwarren & Solsgirth). Possibilities are as diverse as our community and may include Health, Youth, Recreational Facilities, Educational and Cultural Programs, Fire Department, Community Beautification, Food Bank and Christmas Cheer, to name only a few.


  • Commitment – We give our time and energy to support the growth of our community foundation and, in turn, our entire community. 
  • Thoughtfulness – We place effort into understanding our communities needs before making decisions. 
  • Support – We provide assistance to the local charities and organizations that are helping our community grow. 
  • Integrity – We follow a code of moral values, honesty and accountability. 
  • Inclusiveness – We invite participation by all members of our community, and actively seek their input and perspective in helping us achieve our goals.  


Foundation Facts

Giving Options

Each donation receives a charitable donation tax receipt for the value of the donation.

There are many ways that you can give. Each gift is special, and given with thought and care. That is why we treasure every donation that we get.

Your gift will GIVE back to the community each and every year because your donation is invested and only the interest from these investments is disbursed to worthy non-profit organizations in the community.

 The options for giving back to the community through the Foundation are listed below:

  • Gift or pledge of money, investments or property
  • Wills and bequests: Individuals may provide gifts to the Foundation in their wills. A lawyer should be consulted when making a bequest.
  • Life Insurance: A contribution may be made through a gift of life insurance naming the Birtle and District Foundation as a beneficiary. An estate planner should be consulted.
  • Tribute or Memorial: A gift may be made in honour of a living person, organization, field of interest, or event or in memory of a relative or friend. The Foundation will acknowledge such gifts to the family or organization.
  • Multi-Year Pledge: You may make an initial contribution and a commitment to add to the initial donation over a period of years.
  • Monthly Contribution: Through your financial institute using a Pre-Authorized Transfer your set amount will be withdrawn automatically. You can give $1/day or any amount you wish.

Founders Club and Named Funds

Any donation of $1000 or more made in 2011 will be forever recognized and remembered by a plaque listing all of the founding donors. The Tree Wall plaque is displayed in the CDC building at 684 Main Street. NAMED FUNDS are also displayed. One time or accumulated donations to the General Community Fund of $5000 or greater will allow you to establish a Named Fund and get you a leaf on the tree wall plaque. 

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